Where Can Limewire Be Downloaded?

Limewire is the obvious software program that people think of when they want to download an MP3 of their favorite artist or load some music from their collection onto their mobile phone for later listening on the subway on the way to class. Downloading music from the internet is not a new thing. The first easy to use software brought out into the world that the masses could use to download music was Napster popular over a decade ago. Afterwards and still today, Limewire is the alternative to Napster.

A layman can search the internet for Limewire and they will see news stories about Limewire being shut down, but the fact is that Limewire is still around and will always be because the software is true peer-to-peer and cannot be shutdown as long as the internet exists. This brings the next question of where can one download limewire off of the internet in order to join this peer-to-peer network in the first place? The answer is that there are always dozens of sites that will allow you to download Limewire for free directly off of them. On our searches of the internet one site we found offering a Limewire download was at http://limewirefreedownload.org.

At this website they offer a link to download the Limewire installation file and from there you can install Limewire onto your computer and join the peer-to-peer network and start downloading music and MP3s for free for the rest of your life.

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