RIAA On The Hunt For Limewire Pirate Edition Creator

The creator of the Limewire “Pirate Edition” goes by the name of Meta Pirate and the RIAA is on the hunt for who he is in real life. The RIAA has accused Limewire LLC themselves of releasing the Pirate Edition of the software, because the RIAA says that the creator must be “either formerly or presently a Lime Wire employee”.

“Defendants have demonstrated in no uncertain terms that they either will not or cannot do what the injunction commands,” says the RIAA in court filings. “A Receiver appointed by and answerable to the Court is the only way to ensure that the Injunction will be respected and implemented.”

The RIAA has convinced the court to release records of any employees, past or present, who could be capable of releasing the new edition of Limewire. The fact is that Limewire is an open source program which means that Meta Pirate does not have to be involved with Limewire LLC to have created Limewire Pirate Edition. Anyone can download and modify the Limewire software for free.

The legal battle between Limewire LLC and the RIAA continues and the media attention has more than likely refueled the already massive popularity of Limewire, which users can now easily download for free.

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