PC Magazine Blamed For Piracy

With all the recent news about Limewire Pirate Edition, the website of PC Magazine, PCMag.com, posted an article about potential alternatives to Limewire. Subsequently, PC Magazine has received a legal notice from the RIAA blaming them for promoting piracy. The article on the PC Magazine website, which is entitled ‘Limewire is Dead: What Are The Alternatives?’, contains the notice ‘PCMag does not condone the download of copyrighted or illegal material’. The RIAA remarked that this clause wrang hollow to say the least.

The article on the PC Magazine website is still there. However, the RIAA wants the article to be taken down because they believe that the content promotes illegal file sharing of songs. There are of course many alternatives to Limewire, but why not just download Limewire when it is still around?

The general take on this legal action made by the RIAA is that there is not much the RIAA can do especially when the article will remain active according to PC Magazine.

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