LimeWire has been around for years, probably over a decade by our counts. A decade in computing time is like going from the caveman days to the introduction of the automobile. Because LimeWire has been around for so long, and is a simple piece of software with only a single purpose, we believe that LimeWire deserves a special remembrance to all of the people that it has helped.

As a way of saying thanks to LimeWire, we have decided to write a poem:

How do I download a file real quick?

Where do I search for the latest flick?

The answer is simple, he said with a grin.

And he loaded LimeWire, so they could begin.

Searching for tunes, its so simple, oh my.

He handed it over, so the other could try.

I could download all day, this is so fun.

No matter the place, rain snow or sun.

With nothing more than a computer, and some internet.

He was off sharing files with all others he met.

We hope that you have enjoyed this poem about LimeWire and that it encourages you to download LimeWire and start sharing with your friends and family the joys of filesharing on the internet.

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