Limewire Store to Shut Down

“As a result of our current legal situation, we have no choice but to wind down Limewire Store operations,” as quoted by a statement made by Limewire LLC. “Despite our dedication and efforts, Dec. 31, 2010, will mark the day when Limewire Store shuts its virtual doors.”

The Limewire Store is a service similar to iTunes where people can download music for a fee. The news of the shutdown of the Limewire Store is quite sad because the store is a legitimate service provided to users all over the world and is no different really from the iTunes store which is ran by Apple. The shutdown of the Limewire Store appears to be collateral damage from the RIAA which has successfully issued a court order to shut down the Limewire peer-to-peer service which allows users to share music files for free.

The good news is that the Limewire Store is still available for existing users in the meantime, and users outside of the United States are still able to sign up with the service. It is unclear if the Limewire Store will remain active for customers outside of the United States after the December 31st shutdown. The original Limewire is not available for download on the official website but can be located on other internet sites, such as

Additionally, the Limewire Pirate Edition is still active which is probably where people will go after the Limewire Store is no longer in service.

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